Winter is a great time for outdoor activities. Longer trips are usually made by ski, or traditional kicksled. Natural paths or ice are however seldom optimal for traditional ski or kicksled.

MOBIKICK offers a new way of moving in snow or ice. You will slide over difficult terrains in a comfortable way.

MOBIKICK is a device, which is clicked to your slalom ski, just as easy as you click on your slalom shoe.

MOBIKICK also inherits the benefits of the slalom ski - the grip from the sharp edges, the wobble reduction and the low friction.

MOBIKICK is easy to transport, it fits into a small space. It is also easy to store during summer, of the same reason.

MOBIKICK suits everyone. A normal safety children chair can be attached to the Mobikick. When the child is a little older, it can sit directly on Mobikick seat. And already 7-year old children can often themselves run their own Mobikick.

This shows, that Mobikick is intended for your whole family!